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Business has been easier than before

With the solid teamwork that we have, we make sure your work will be faster and more efficient when using our services

Template system = easier to maintenance

Our system has used the concept of MVC so content management system can be easy to build with minimal effort.

Service Oriented Architechture

SOA ensure the delivery of data to be more precise and not a lot of time wasted, that's why we designed this system for you.

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Sistem Informasi Absensi

“Merupakan sistem yang digunakan untuk mencatat absensi karyawan dan dilengkapi dengan laporan absensi karyawan.”product name Sistem Informasi Absensi



Sistem Informasi Gaji Berkala

“Sistem yang digunakan untuk menghitung kenaikan gaji berkala pada pemerintahan dilengkapi dengan SMS Center.”product name Sistem Informasi Gaji Berkala



Sistem Informasi Apotek

“Sistem yang ditujukan untuk jual beli obat, dan layanan pasien apotek dilengkapi sistem informasi akuntansi untuk perhitungan rugi laba.” product name Sistem Informasi Apotek


Knowing us. It's more than a teamwork, we are family.

We are website programmer and consultant team for building websites that are easy to use.
These highly trained team members have extensive knowledge about the various website technology available and work to find the most suitable options for each and every custome. We can help you offer your clients a great online experience. The customer always comes first.
Our customers receive the respect, consideration, and solutions they deserve. Through our commitment to resolving each customer's situation, we build relationships, not barriers.

aidiCMS is here to help. Together, we will work to solve what your need to make the business online.
Our Resolution is to discover, recognize, and promote the talent and effort of web designers, developers, and agencies who create unique digital experiences that are useful, innovative, intuitive, and beautiful.

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